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Key Benefits

• fights stretching

• fights fading

• fights pilling and fuzz

• fights static

• softens fabrics

• provides long-lasting freshness

• reduces wrinkles vs. detergent alone


  • How to do laundry

    protect your clothes from the damage of washing


How do I use Ultra Downy in the wash?

Simply add Ultra Downy to your fabric softener drawer. For top-loaders, you can also add directly to your washer drum during the rinse cycle, or use the Downy Ball if you don't feel like waiting around for the rinse to begin. Go to OLV/LINK for more information!

What does the Ultra mean in Ultra Downy?

Ultra simply means it's a concentrated product, having most of the water removed (as opposed to non-concentrated formulations). Be sure to carefully follow dosage instructions on the bottles.

I love Ultra Downy! What other products should I try?

We’re so glad! You might enjoy Fresh Protect In-Wash Odor Shield: use with detergent and Ultra Downy liquid fabric conditioner for 24-hour odor neutralization—like deodorant for your clothes!

Do I need to use detergent with Ultra Downy?

Yes, for best results, use WITH detergent. Ultra Downy is a fabric conditioner that will provide your clothing with scent, softness, static reduction and protection from the laundry damage of stretching, fading and fuzz.

How is Ultra Downy different from Unstopables?

Ultra Downy is a fabric conditioner; Unstopables are long-lasting scent boosters, not conditioners. Fabric conditioners provide scent, softness, static reduction and protection from the laundry damage of stretching, fading and fuzz.

What's the difference between a fabric conditioner and a dryer sheet?

Both provide fabrics with scent, softness and fight static; however, dryer sheets are heat activated in the dryer, whereas liquid fabric softeners are more easily infused in the wash. Additionally, fabric conditioners reduce wrinkles, provide for easy ironing and protect from stretching, fading and fuzz that occur in both the wash & dry processes.

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38% Recommended

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The New Scent is Awful!

I have used Downy liquid April fresh for decades . I love the scent and softness it adds to my clothes. But this new scent with label that says" With Fabric Protect" is bad. I tried it and cannot stand the way my clothes smell. Please, please, change it back. I actually went to the store to find old Downy with the label "Surround Yourself with Softness" so I could stock up and hope you come to your senses. Please change it back.

Not Recommend Product


OMG! WHY did you change the scent?!?

Dear P&G: Don't "fix" something not broken! The new scent of "April Fresh" under your new fabric "CONDITIONER" is so awful and atrocious! I washed all of my sweaters from winter and was air drying them and had to leave the room, close the door and open the windows. And after they were dry the scent lingered in my bedroom for DAYS. It gave me a headache. PLEASE - I have used your SOFTENER since I was born (40+ years!) Go back to the scent we all want back! I beg you!

Not Recommend Product


Why did they ruin Downy?

The new "Fabric Protect" Downy smells terrible! The iconic April Fresh scent has been replaced and my favorite product ruined! Until the old scent returns, buy something else!

Not Recommend Product