Ultra Downy® Clean Breeze Liquid
2.4845 stars – based on 97 reviews

key benefits

  • renewing scent pearls
  • motion-activated freshness
  • fights static cling
  • reduces wrinkles*

 * Vs. leading regular detergent alone


how to measure

Your Downy bottle cap has three fill lines.

Lower line: for medium loads

Middle line: for large loads or front-loading HE machine medium loads

Upper line: for extra-large loads or front-loading HE machine large loads

how to use

Top-loading machines

With regular machines, either add Ultra Downy to your machine dispenser at the beginning of the load, or to your washer drum during the rinse cycle. Or for added convenience, try the Downy Ball®, our easy-to-use dispenser.

HE front-loading machines

Simply add Ultra Downy to the fabric-softener tray (often right next to the detergent tray) before each load. All Downy fabric softeners are compatible with HE front-loading washers.

Ratings And Reviews

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2.48/5 ( 97 )
41 % Recommended
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  • Value

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Knoxville, TN
Ultra Downy Clean Breeze Liquid
3 5 stars

It started ruining my clothes!

I love the smell and softness that Downy gives my clothes, but I do not like the random ruined loads of laundry. I have been using downy with a downy ball for years and just this past year, I have now had sheets, and a lot of my favorite clothes ruined with splatters of discoloration all over them that are not repairable. I have soaked, scrubbed and rewashed, it is like they are bleached almost but I don't own bleach. I don't know if it is partially to the fault of the downy ball, but I don't like that the chemical is able to discolor my clothing either. I'm out a lot of money on some of my nicer work clothes, sheets and exercise clothing so I will no longer be using downy or the downy ball.

Not Recommend Product

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East Aurora, NY
Ultra Downy Clean Breeze Liquid
1 5 stars

they changed the product.

It doesn't soften our clothes anymore. Used this for years and the product doesn't do the job.

Not Recommend Product

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Lancaster, TX, USA
Ultra Downy Clean Breeze Liquid
4 5 stars

Loving Downy

I love Downy. I've used it for years. I recommend it to family and friends.

I do recommend this product