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    protect your clothes from the damage of washing


Do I need to use detergent with Unstopables?
Yes, for best results, use Unstopables with your normal detergent as it is NOT a detergent—it's a detergent additive that provides a 12-week boost of scent to your clothing.

Is Unstopables safe to use on all clothing?
Absolutely! Unstopables is safe for all colors, fabrics, and loads. Simply add the beads into the washer drum before you add clothing, start the wash and enjoy!

How does Unstopables provide such great freshness?

Unstopables are composed of perfume microcapsules which slowly dissolve. So you always smell fresh—for up to 12 weeks, right until the next wash!

Can I use Unstopables with Ultra Downy?
Yes! When used together, you will get the same benefits you love about Downy liquid fabric conditioner, PLUS an amazing 12-week scent boost from Unstopables!

How is Unstopables different from Fresh Protect?
Unstopables give your fabrics a 12-week boost of scent, while Fresh Protect provides 24-hour odor neutralization & freshness that activate as you move.

What is the correct dosage for Unstopables?

Shake a little or a lot into the cap. (Half a cap full should be sufficient for most loads.)

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4.12/5 ( 125 )
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UNSTOPABLES Lush In Wash Scent Booster
1 5 stars

Bleach like spots all over my clothes

I bought these originally to try because they were on sale- I've tried putting "just a handful" not even a full cap as recommended, into my front loading HE washing machine. I've noticed a few times in the past purplish spots left on my clothes and just tried to re-wash - sometimes they come out. I should have learned my lesson and just thrown this product in the garbage..... I decided to "freshen up" a load of dark towels and tossed in a handful. Can't tell if there were spots or not after the washing. Now this is why I'm so upset.... 2 washes later I did a load of WHITES with my sons' custom made twill hoodie ($75) and it came out covered in purple spots!! I rewashed it and even used some Tide Stain booster in the load hoping that would get them out. Nope. Not sure what to do now. Very Upsetting. This product is NOT safe on whites - or colors for that matter. As far as scent, the original load of towels did have a light scent, but not worth the high cost of WRECKING clothes in subsequent wash loads.

Not Recommend Product


DOWNY Response 09/02/15

Oh no. We’re very sorry this happened to your son’s hoodie while using our Unstopables. As long as the beads are placed into the drum before adding the clothes this shouldn’t be happening. This isn’t the experience we want you to have and we’d like to help further. Please give us a call at 1.855.236.3353 when you have a moment.

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South Carolina, USA
UNSTOPABLES Lush In Wash Scent Booster
4 5 stars

My clothes smell amazing

I love to wash clothes. I know it sounds crazy but there's just something about freshly washed clothes that excites me. I tried Downy Unstoppables after a friend suggested them to me and now I love them. I can use a little or a lot depending on the size of my load and they leave my clothes smelling so good. I would recommend them to other friends and I have.

I do recommend this product

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New York City, New York
UNSTOPABLES Lush In Wash Scent Booster
2 5 stars

Not As Noticeable As I Would Think

I must admit that I'm wholly unimpressed with the Unstopables product that I just bought. I got the 13.2 oz. Lust-scented Unstopables at my local Target store in Flushing, New York. It was the first time that I ever bought them, because I wanted to see if they would impart some (noticeable) positive odors on my bath towels, bath robe, and some activewear. I put it in a front-loader washer, and I put an entire capful with the clothes before I sealed the door and paid for the wash. I also made sure to sprinkle them in different layers, so they would disperse about the load accordingly. However, they have no more than a 5% smell profile. The smell from the Tide with Downy liquid detergent that I used to use is stronger on my jeans than the Unstopables were (when I combined it with the Tide Free and Gentle pods). I am very disappointed.

Not Recommend Product