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Key Benefits

• long-lasting fragrance that balances floral scents with notes of citrus and musk

• fights static cling

• softens fabrics

• long-lasting scent helps keep clothes smelling fresh


  •  Help keep odors out of your clothes

    How to do Laundry the Downy Way


How do I use a dryer sheet?
To add  freshness, softness and reduce static cling, simply add a dryer sheet to your cleaned laundry in the dryer. For most loads, one sheet is sufficient; for large loads, two may be needed. Then, start the drying cycle and discard the used dryer sheet when cycle completes.

What are the benefits of using a dryer sheet?Dryer sheets have numerous benefits, including softening, fighting pesky static cling and adding a delightful Downy scent.

I love Downy dryer sheets! What other products should I try?Try any of our liquid fabric conditioners, or Fresh Protect In-Wash Odor Shield. Both provide great benefits (links)!

What's the difference between a fabric conditioner and a dryer sheet?Both provide fabrics with scent, softness and fight static; however, dryer sheets are heat activated in the dryer, whereas liquid fabric softeners are more easily infused in the wash. Additionally, fabric conditioners reduce wrinkles, provide for easy ironing and protect from stretching, fading and fuzz that occur in both the wash & dry processes.

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Softens clothes

I was excited to try this new scent. I haven't used Downy in a while because I feel it is too costly per load and most of all I didn't care for the scents.. When I heard of the new Amber Blossom scent I ran out and bought it right away. In the store I smelled it through the box and thought it smelled okay but hoped once I opened it and was able to use it on my clothes I would like it much more. This was not the case. I'm really not fond of the scent. It also barely if at all scented the laundry. In my case that was good since I don't care for it but normally if I'm purchasing a specific scent then I expect to smell it on my clothes. In order to smell this at all I have to use two to three sheets per normal size loads.Overall I'm not at all a fan of the scent or the price.My family also didn't like the scent. One of my teens said it didn't smell good, one couldn't smell it, my other child said it smelled dirty. My sister thought it smelled a bit dirty as well.The only thing that was really good was that with just one sheet, it did in fact soften my clothes a bit more compared to my usually brad.I rather not pay more for less.

Not Recommend Product