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Downy Fabric Softeners for fabric protection

Fabric Protector to protect your clothes

how to prevent pilling on sweaters and other fabrics

Protects the fabric


Protect clothes from stretch, fade & fuzz

Softness the fabric


For fabrics that feel as good as they look

Freshen the fabric


Provides long-lasting freshness

How to help keep your sweaters from pilling

How To Keep Your Sweaters And Other Fabrics From Pilling

All fabrics may pilll as a result of fibers stretching and breaking from friction. Clothes rub against themselves while you’re wearing them and other fabrics during the washing and drying process. Fight the pilling with tips from Downy.

Demystifying Laundry Care Symbols

Demystifying Laundry Care Symbols and their meaning

Trying to sort out what your laundry care labels are telling you? The system of symbols—dots, dashes, and icons—can be a little hard to decipher. But you’ll get the best possible cleaning results wash after wash when you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.