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Downy Rinse and Refresh

Downy Rinse and Refresh

A breakthrough laundry odor remover that helps rinse away the smelly residue trapped within fabric fibers.

Freshen the fabric


Helps remove stubborn odors and residues deep within fabrics

No dyes or heavy perfumes

Gentle on skin

Free of dyes and heavy perfumes

Protects the fabric

Safe on all fabrics

Removes odors from activewear, baby clothes, towels and more

What’s the Difference between Fabric Softener, Sheets and Beads?

Difference between Downy Fabric Softeners, Dryer Sheets And Scent Beads

Fabric Softener, Sheets, and Beads- What are the differences? What, exactly, are the differences between Downy Fabric Conditioner (also known as fabric softener), Scent Beads and Dryer Sheets?