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Dryer Sheets

Drop in the dryer to keep fabric soft, fresh and static-free.

Wrinkle Protection

Keep clothes looking smooth all day long

Fights Static

Keep clothes free of cling


Provides long-lasting freshness

How to use dryer sheets and other dryer Sheet hacks

When it comes to softening clothes, removing static cling and delivering a fresh scent, it’s hard to beat dryer sheets. Introduced in the mid-’70s, they’re still working hard nearly 45 years later to give your fabrics wearable softness.

Fabric conditioner, sheets and beads- what are the differences?

Fabric Softener, Sheets, and Beads- What are the differences? What, exactly, are the differences between Downy Fabric Conditioner (also known as fabric softener), Scent Beads and Dryer Sheets?