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For more than half a century, Downy has brought softness, freshness and other fabric enhancements like protection from winkles to countless loads of laundry. Because all of our Downy products are designed for everyday use, product safety is our top priority.

Before any of our brands are on shelves or online, they are rigorously tested to ensure they are safe for use as directed in your home. Each ingredient is carefully selected: to even be considered for use in our products, every ingredient must be known to be safe for its intended use. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety, and as such, our brands meet or exceed every product safety standard in North America. We go beyond regulatory compliance to ensure continued monitoring of every ingredient, in every product. Simply put, if an ingredient has not been proven safe for its intended use, we don’t put it in our products.

1. Question

Before we use any ingredient, our scientists start by asking questions, just like you. If an ingredient doesn’t answer our questions and meet our safety standards, we don’t use it.

2. Define

We define the ingredient’s safe range. If an ingredient passes the first step, we then define the ingredient’s safe range, which tells us the amount of an ingredient that is safe to use. Almost everything in the world has a safe range and an unsafe range, including life-sustaining basics like sunlight, oxygen, and water. Using the same science-based standards as major regulatory agencies around the world, we define the safe range for every ingredient we use.

3. Determine

We review the collective ingredient safety of each product. This means that we evaluate all Downy ingredients in every product to ensure they’re safe when used as directed – both for you, your family, and the environment. If we can’t confirm that, we go back to the drawing board.

4. Diligence

We care deeply about the families that use our brands, so we keep innovating to create products that are better for people and for the environment. On this journey, we will continually collaborate with regulatory agencies and scientists around the world. We will also listen to you to make sure our products meet your safety and performance expectations. We will continue to share information about our products, because we’re committed to being safe in the choices we make so families can trust our brands for years to come.

Keeping your family safe

See how we use science to ensure product safety in this two-minute video.

We Stand for Safety and Sustainability