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Downy Fabric Softener Liquid Fabric Conditioners

Downy Liquid Fabric Softener

Soften, freshen, and protect the clothes you love.

Softness the fabric


For fabrics that feel as good as they look

Freshen the fabric


Provides long-lasting freshness

Protects the fabric


Protect clothes from stretch, fade & fuzz

How to use Liquid Fabric Softener

How To Use Liquid Fabric Softeners

Fabrics just feel better when you use Downy Fabric Conditioner. Downy infuses clothes with wonderful softness, freshness, protection and even better- it's easy to use. But- how you use it depends on what kind of washing machine you have.

What's the difference between the laundry detergent and a fabric softener

Difference between Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener vs Conditioner

Downy shows you the differences between fabric conditioner & laundry detergent and explains how they work together during a laundry cycle!