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Water - Solvent
Diethylester Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride - Softener Active
Polyquaternium 33 - Stabilizer
Formic Acid - PH Adjuster
Pentasodium Pentetate - Chelating Agent
  1. After adding your favorite detergent, measure the amount of fabric conditioner for the size of your load.
  1. Add a capful of Downy into your washing machine's dispenser drawer or directly into its agitator.

Protect your clothes from the damage of washing

  • Simply add Ultra Downy to your fabric softener drawer. For top-loaders, you can also add directly to your washer drum during the rinse cycle, or use the Downy Ball.

  • Ultra simply means it's a concentrated product, having most of the water removed (as opposed to non-concentrated formulations). Be sure to carefully follow dosage instructions on the bottles.

  • We’re so glad! You might enjoy Fresh Protect In-Wash Odor Shield: use with detergent and Ultra Downy liquid fabric conditioner for 24-hour odor neutralization—like deodorant for your clothes!

  • Yes, for best results, use WITH detergent. Ultra Downy is a fabric conditioner that will provide your clothing with scent, softness, static reduction and protection from the laundry damage of stretching, fading and fuzz.

  • Ultra Downy is a fabric conditioner; Unstopables are long-lasting scent boosters, not conditioners. Fabric conditioners provide scent, softness, static reduction and protection from the laundry damage of stretching, fading and fuzz.

  • Both provide fabrics with scent, softness and fight static; however, dryer sheets are heat activated in the dryer, whereas liquid fabric softeners are more easily infused in the wash. Additionally, fabric conditioners reduce wrinkles, provide for easy ironing and protect from stretching, fading and fuzz that occur in both the wash & dry processes.

Customer Reviews

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April 21, 2020
Softens so well and smells lovely.
I have used Downy fabric softener all of my life. This one softens my towels better than any other product I’ve tried from them. I’m also crazy about the scent but that’s personal.
April 19, 2020
Severely sensitive; can finally have a scent
It was until I was in college and Downey free and sensitive came out that I would finally use a fabric softener. I have tons of allergies and severely sensitive skin. When this came out, because it was formulated for sensitive skin, I gave it a try. For the first time ever in my 35 years of life, I'm able to use a scented fabric softener. It's ridiculous the level of happiness something so simple brings me. I'm having a hard time finding this scent anywhere though, which is making me really sad. I'm hoping it's just because of the pandemic and not that you're phasing it out. The rosewater and aloe one makes me sneeze and my eyes burn, so I can't use that one... Please tell me you haven't discontinued this scent. It's the best thing ever! And thank you for developing products with extremely sensitive skin individuals in mind. Thanks for letting us know we count and matter.
April 16, 2020
Love this scent!
Best laundry softener scent of all time from a brand I trust! Having a hard time finding it in stock anywhere, please do not discontinue!!