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Polyethylene Glycol - Perfume Dispersant
Fragrance - Provides Freshness
Blend Of Acid Violet 48 And Acid Red 131 - Colorant
  1. Simply shake a little (or a lot) into the cap.
  1. Then toss the beads into the washer at the beginning of the load, before you start the wash and before you drop in your clothes.
  • Simply measure the desired amount of in-wash scent booster beads in the provided cap, and then toss the beads into your washing machine drum before adding clothes.

  • Yes. Use beads WITH laundry detergent. Downy Infusions In-Wash Scent Booster Beads are for adding extra touch-activated scent to your clothes and fabrics, not for cleaning.

  • For best results—yes! In-wash scent booster beads are designed to add even more of the touch-activated scent you love to your fabrics. Liquid fabric softener infuses clothes with touch-activated scent, as well as protects your clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz.

  • Of course! Both in-wash scent booster beads and dryer sheets infuse your clothes with a great, premium scent, but the beads have our new touch-activated technology, while dryer sheets fight static cling. It's best to use both with every load of wash, resulting in wonderfully long-lasting scents and incredible softness.

Customer Reviews

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June 12, 2020
Smells like summer
I have had allergies to fabric softeners, so I haven’t used them at all for years. However, when I saw Downys combo of Lavender
June 03, 2020
Suits my need just well
So much easier to use. Plus the scent is really soothing
February 12, 2020
This product is a must have in your laundry room
This product gives off the amazing calm smell to all of my clothes. One of the best scents ever created. When I’m not wearing my perfume people ask what scent I’m wearing