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A new way of showing

love by Downy

Downy protects
the clothes you love

Our wide range of fabric conditioners, soften, freshen and protect the clothes you love.

Lasting freshness & softness in your clothes

Reduces wrinkles & static cling

Fabric protection & laundry damage control

Washing with detergent alone can damage your clothes

Downy fabric conditioner softens clothes, prevents stretching, color fading and reduces pilling, stretching and fuzz

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Reduce your carbon footprint with Downy

Over 40% of consumers throw away their clothes after 8-10 wears. Downy fabric conditioners help extend the life of your clothes by three times, which means

  • Reduce water consumption for producing new clothes with the use of Downy to extend your fabric life Less water used from producing new clothes
  • Lessen the Co2 that’s caused from new clothes production with the use of Downy to extend your fabric life Less CO2 from producing new clothes
  • Avoid the microfibres release from washing new colthes with the use of Downy by  extending your fabric life Less microfibers released by avoiding more first washes
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The power of nature

Made with plant-based conditioning ingredients like coconut oil, our Nature Blends collection is sure to provide your clothes the protection they need