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Difference Between Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener, Rinse & Refresh vs Conditioner

Downy shows you the differences between fabric conditioner & laundry detergent and explains how they work together during a laundry cycle!


What does Laundry Detergent do?

Your clothes do a lot of dirty work. During an average day, they can pick up sweat, skin cells, food particles, dirt, hair, and more. Laundry detergent helps remove all this—so, just as shampoo cleans your hair, laundry detergent does the heavy lifting when it comes to cleaning your clothes.

What does Fabric Conditioner do?

Just as conditioner protects your hair, Downy Fabric Conditioner protects your clothes. Downy strengthens fabrics and helps reduce friction during the laundry process, which helps clothes keep their original shape, reduce color fading, and reduce pilling and fuzz.

Is it Fabric Softener or Fabric Conditioner?

Fabric softeners are formulated to do just what they say—soften and freshen fabric. Downy fabric conditioner does that, and more! In addition to softening your clothes, Downy is formulated to help prevent fading, pilling and stretching, and protects the clothes you love.

What does Downy Rinse & Refresh do?

Downy Rinse & Refresh is a breakthrough, low pH technology that dissolves odor-causing residues and other buildup on fabrics, similar to clarifying shampoo. By removing excess residues and buildup, your colors can stay more vibrant and fabrics feel softer.

Did you know?

Downy helps protect your clothes from 50 mph spinning in your washing machine.

Downy helps protect your clothes from 60 times the G Force of a space rocket launch.

Downy helps protect your clothes from a dryer hot enough to cook ribs.