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How To Wash A Sweater - Prevent Pilling And Fuzz

How to wash a sweater

When the weather outside gets frightful, it’s time to bust out the sweaters. With these tips, you’ll learn to keep your sweaters smooth, with less fuzzing and pilling.

  1. Before you wash your sweater
Read the washing instructions before you wash your sweater

Before you go and throw any sweater in the washer, read the label to make sure it’s washer safe. Keep sweaters separated from rougher, heavier fabrics like denim. Turn them inside out, button any and all buttons, and zip up any zippers.

  1. Use Downy® for a better sweater
Use Downy fabric softeners to protect sweaters from damage

Be sure to use a gentle detergent, like Tide® to clean your sweater. Add Downy Fabric Conditioner to help protect sweaters from damage. And use the gentlest wash cycle.

  1. Dry it the right way
How to dry sweaters after washing

If your sweater is dryer safe, toss it in and use the lowest heat setting possible. If the dryer isn’t an option, then lay your sweater out flat to air dry. With these simple instructions, you can keep all of your sweaters soft, smelling great, and protected from pilling and fuzz.

  1. Avoid stretching and fading
Prevent sweaters from stretching and piling using Downy liquid fabric conditioners

The conditioning power of Downy also helps prevent stretching and fading, so your sweaters will stay looking newer, longer.

Protect your clothes and other fabrics with Downy

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