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How Does Downy Rinse & Refresh Compare to Vinegar?

While vinegar is easy to find in stores, it’s not optimized for the laundry process. Instead of soaking clothes in vinegar or adding vinegar in your washing machine, we recommend using a product that has low pH cleaning power and is designed for laundry, like Downy Rinse & Refresh.

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Downy Rinse & Refresh removes odor significantly better than vinegar*

What are the downfall to using white vinegar in laundry?

Because vinegar is not very concentrated, you need to use about 5 cups of vinegar in the rinse cycle to get the benefits.

You are dumping away product

And if your washing machine has dispenser drawers, even the largest fabric softener drawer can’t hold enough vinegar to be as effective as just ¼ cup of Downy Rinse & Refresh.

Bonus: Downy Rinse & Refresh Helps Remove Odors Better

Downy Rinse & Refresh replaces your liquid fabric softener and acts as a laundry detergent booster to help remove stubborn odors and residues deep within fabrics. Unlike traditional liquid fabric softeners, Downy Rinse & Refresh rinses away residues for fresher, softer and brighter fabrics vs detergent alone.

Did you know?

Downy helps protect your clothes from 50 mph spinning in your washing machine.

Downy helps protect your clothes from 60 times the G Force of a space rocket launch.

Downy helps protect your clothes from a dryer hot enough to cook ribs.