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Should I Use A Low-pH Product In My Laundry?

Downy Rinse & Refresh has concentrated low pH cleaning power and is added to the fabric softener drawer and released during the rinse cycle of your washing machine, similar to other fabric softeners.

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How does Downy Rinse work?

Even though it’s used in the fabric softener drawer, Downy Rinse is not like traditional fabric softeners which condition fibers to soften them. Instead, Downy Rinse & Refresh has a breakthrough low pH formula that helps remove stubborn residues and odors from fabrics, leaving clothes softer, fresher and brighter.

When should I use it?

It is safe for all fabrics, so you can use it with any load and in any wash temperature.

Does it eliminate odors?

Downy Rinse & Refresh also has an optimized low pH and a fresh scent, which means it has significantly better odor removal than vinegar (and without the vinegar smell!).

Bonus: Downy Rinse & Refresh Helps Remove Odors Better

Downy Rinse & Refresh replaces your liquid fabric softener and acts as a laundry detergent booster to help remove stubborn odors and residues deep within fabrics. Unlike traditional liquid fabric softeners, Downy Rinse & Refresh rinses away residues for fresher, softer and brighter fabrics vs detergent alone.

Did you know?

Downy helps protect your clothes from 50 mph spinning in your washing machine.

Downy helps protect your clothes from 60 times the G Force of a space rocket launch.

Downy helps protect your clothes from a dryer hot enough to cook ribs.