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Downy Ball Fabric Softener Dispenser

Downy Ball - Fabric Softener

Just fill it up and throw it in for fresh, soft fabric protection.

12 weeks of freshness

Dispenses Automatically

Automatically dispenses fabric conditioner during the rinse cycle

Easy to Use

Easy to use

Easy to fill, measure and clean

Safe for all washing machines

Non-HE top loaders only

Designed for use in non-HE machines

How to use Downy Ball

How to Use Downy Ball - Automatic Fabric Softener Dispenser

The Downy Ball is a great way to add Downy® to your laundry during the rinse cycle without needing to babysit the washer.

What's the difference between the laundry detergent and a fabric softener

Difference between Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener vs Conditioner

Downy shows you the differences between fabric conditioner & laundry detergent and explains how they work together during a laundry cycle!