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How To Sleep On A Plane

Learn the secrets to sleeping on airplanes, because with a little shut-eye, you’ll likely feel more refreshed when you arrive.

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Bring your own comforts of home

Bring a soft, cozy throw and a small travel pillow that have been washed in your favorite Unstopables™ In-Wash Scent Booster. The air in passenger planes is very dry and can suck the pleasant smell out of even the plushest fabric at Mach speeds, so an extra boost of indulgent scent is definitely needed. Also, consider taking an eye mask to block out light and earplugs or noise-canceling headphones to drown out sounds. Before nodding off, fasten your seat belt over your blanket so the flight attendants won’t have to wake you to check that it’s fastened. Finally, if you’re in an aisle seat, position yourself so that your legs stay out of the walkway; otherwise, you risk the dreaded drink-cart-to-kneecap wakeup call.

Get some exercise before you take flight

If you work out a few hours before boarding a plane, you’ll be comfortably tired; plus, your post-workout body temperature will drop while you’re airborne, which also will help set the stage for sounder sleep. (And no, getting frisked by the TSA does not count as exercise.)

Choose the right seat

If you’re flying coach, pick a window seat in an exit row. This way you won’t be bothered when your seatmates get up, and you can rest your head against the window—it’s harder than your neighbor’s shoulder, but it won’t complain if you drool on it. Avoid the galley area, which tends to be the busiest spot on the plane, or seats near the bathrooms, as passengers invariably congregate nearby.

Dress for comfort

Wear loose-fitting clothes that have just been washed and dried to maximize your fragrance comfort. The cabin temperature can fluctuate widely, so dress in layers that you can adjust as necessary. Also, bring comfy socks to slip on if your feet tend to get cold.

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