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How To Bring Home The Scent Of Spring

Want to know how you can bring the energizing scent of spring into your home year-round? No need to open the windows (especially if it’s the dead of winter). The fantabulous scent of Unstopables Spring has you covered.

How to Bring In the Scent of Spring Heroicon

Bloom into spring in the living room

Here are a few tips for getting that sunny-fresh smell without any actual sun. First, wash all your fabrics with Downy Unstopables In-Wash Scent Booster Spring scent. We’re talking throws, pillow covers, curtains… anything you can throw into the washing machine. The long-lasting freshness lasts up to 12 weeks.*

Next, give a spring shower to your unwashables—the couch, the carpet, throw pillows, the dog bed—with the irresistible scentabulousness of Downy Scent Beads Spring. Keep the bottle nearby for any emergency spritzes. Finally, top off the Spring with a Febreze Unstopables Scented Oil Plug and Spring Refill. Even if you’re not spring-cleaning the living room—it’ll totally smell like you just did.

Make the kitchen smell al fresco

Keep your kitchen cleanup routine spring-filled. After a final counter wipe-down, replace used hand towels with those freshly washed with Downy Unstopables Spring In-Wash Scent Booster.

The scent lasts up to 12 weeks,* so if you’ve got 12 weeks’ worth of hand towels? Well, you’re golden. Next, rid your air of any lingering leftover stink with Febreze Unstopables Spring Air Refresher. Your last step on the road to a Spring-ed up kitchen? A Febreze Unstopables Spring Candle, of course. Place one on your counter and light it for a glowingly fresh ambiance. It’s pretty much the freshest-smelling focal point we can think of.

Spring up the bedroom

Spring in the street, freshen the sheets: Bedrooms have ALL THE FABRICS. We’re talking duvets, sheets, pillowcases, curtains... so throw it all in the wash with your favorite detergent and Downy Unstopables Spring In-Wash Scent Booster and be prepared to be wowed or wooed. Or both. Wanna take it up a notch or two? Add a capful of Downy Liquid Fabric Conditioner in a complementary scent and snuggle up to one incredibly fresh-smelling boudoir.

And there you have it. Some simple ways to make a spring fling last year-round, courtesy of you-know-who.

 * from wash until wear

Did you know?

Downy helps protect your clothes from 50 mph spinning in your washing machine.

Downy helps protect your clothes from 60 times the G Force of a space rocket launch.

Downy helps protect your clothes from a dryer hot enough to cook ribs.